Why Richard Sherman needs to stop running his mouth

Pretty girls don’t need to walk around telling everyone they are pretty, because if they are that pretty, they don’t need to tell you, it is plain to see.  The same is true for football, when you’re really good at your position, you don’t need to tell everyone about it, they already know through what you bring to the field.

So why is Richard Sherman constantly telling us how great he is and how everyone else sucks?  Simple, it’s because he’s not THAT great.  He might be really good, but not as good as he would like to have us all believe.

Mind over matter

Sherman has one clear advantage; he talks a lot of smack to take receivers’ minds out of the game.  He wants them to be frustrated; he wants them angry, so they are more focused on him than on catching the ball.  That is always his game plan and a lot of times it works, which is why he is able to put up the numbers that he does.  He is a master of the mind game, but is he really that skilled of a corner when it comes to raw talent?  Or is he simply surrounded by a really good defense that makes him look better than what he is?

Perhaps he is always talking to detract from his weaknesses.  Smoke and mirrors…

Whatever the case, the constant jabbering from Sherman undermines his athletic prowess and gives us reason to question his true abilities.  For once it would be nice to see Sherman pipe down and let his skills speak for themselves.

Garcon vs. Sherman

In the game earlier this week against the Redskins on Monday Night Football, Sherman held Garcon to two catches for 23 yards.  On the surface it looks like he did his job, but if you look a little deeper, Sherman only defended one pass all night long.  He was far from the shutdown corner we so often hear him about boasting that he is.  The thing that stood out the most about Sherman was him getting his hair pulled (totally legal in the NFL by the way).  Normally this type of behavior appalls me, it’s a cheap shot, but not this time.  There are times when folks have it coming, and Sherman deserved every bit of that.

During the game Sherman looked aggravated.  He wasn’t on his game because someone was messing with him as much as he messes with them.  ‘Sherm the worm’ did not approve.



The Seahawks were able to pull this one out, mostly thanks to their quarterback.  The Redskins lost, but they were not routed, it was a game until the end.  The Seahawks showed vulnerabilities, especially with the excessive number of procedural penalties, and the defense looked far from prolific against a struggling Redskins offense.  Nonetheless the Hawks walked away with the W.

Being the classy guy that he is, following the victory, Sherman immediately says to reporters, “Pierre doesn’t matter in this league”.   Umm, what?  When asked to clarify, he said “I mean exactly what I said.”  Looks like someone got under Sherman’s skin.  Well played, Garcon, well played.

Garcon posted a simple but poignant response on social media.



Can dish, but can’t take

During the Redskins/Seahawks playoff game early in 2013, Sherman was running around to all the fans at FedEx field telling us we suck and don’t have anything on the 12th man, going on and on with his nonsense.  I have been waiting for him to shut up ever since.

The only time he seems to shut up is when the Hawks lose.  When they do, he is nowhere to be found.  The takeaway; I guess Russell Wilson isn’t the only Seahawk that likes to be a bully.

Just play the game

There is no denying that Sherman is talented, it’s just that the talent is washed out by all the extracurricular activity.  Anytime I watch Sherman, I never leave the game remembering how well he played it, I always have one takeaway; this man really likes to run his mouth.

He is a good cornerback, a really good one in fact.  But he is NOT God’s gift to the world, and we are not all entitled to his opinion.  It is time this Stanford educated young man displays more of his intelligence and zips it up for a few.  Show us how good you are with what you bring to the field, and leave your mouthpiece in the locker room.

This is the NFL, not the Richard Sherman show.